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 Post subject: National race mtb/xc at Sherwood Pines
PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:21 am 
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Good morning .
Another day at the races .
Intersesting day and was concerned about the distance ( to get there ) Pressure was on as just had points added for the MSG and got th 4 th .
Everyone whom was above me and close behind was going to be racing .
I left again in plenty of time with a SAT Nav .
It was a old model and it keeps cutting out and a devil to reset whilst driving so pulling over was a regular occurance . . Having left at 8.30 am due 3hours plus a break 3and a half for good measure. Weather was horrid storm weather all the way up M11 to A1 (M) then dry .amazing like a different world.
Needless to say I arrived at 1.30 pm .
I signed on having to go back to get my licence again.
No BOMB HOLES plenty of wood no major hills s........
4laps to do and super ( fit ) Vets to race .
I had a plan and i was going to stick to it.
5th at the starting grid lots behing .
I complained as I said what is the point I am going to be last.
No one moved .
The race was off after the marshal starter pulled everyone back over the line to stop jumping the gun etc.
It is a good crowd of chaps and begining to know them by face as against nrs.
Difference between us and the youngsters is we talk medical conditions and lots of retirement chat no work stories as such.
BANG off there they go first strech into the woods and last again.....
The course was simple much like Rainham pretty flat and lots of pine trees low branches track .
Now as we all know no hills means no free riding going down after the walk up them .
It felt like a long course of over 4 miles .
I managed to get round the first lap without being lapped .
But in the woods it was a pain as I dont believe in spoilling somebody elses race so stop and let them pass .
But after a while it is really tiring as stop start stop start is more draining then just pedalling .
The course was added to by man made jump off narrow step downs with a bend .
Tried but was conscoious of being followed around and tired so I fell off in front of everybody ( mad them laugh ) they was waiting for me I am sure .
I got 3 laps in and the winner did 4 .
Pleased in so much as I did it in under 1.30 hours . so could have done 4 laps .
Pulled up as race over .
Now was the dash to the car throw the bike in the back helmet / gloves keys off.......
Time 5.00 pm .
Night shift starts 7.45 pm ( 10 hours )
drive takes .....
difference a big gap.
Now it would help if I headed south . Not me north for five miles .
Now on the way home nice ride but warnings of junction 9/10 -M11 .
Stuck in traffic for ages .
Got to work not very early but got there.
This was my problem I had to finish before 1 and a half hours as time was not on my side .
Needed the points.
Last place 10 out 11 ( one no starter .)
back to 5th witha gap of 30 points next one ...
I have a cunning plan and a race up my sleve to get 60 points for no pressure ( only one in it . )

Next race near Cannock chase Champs...... ( 20.07.14 ) Hopton Castle .
Then 3rd August MSG at Thetford -my home coming as I love the winter season races there .
10 th August is the jem up my sleeves as no one in it to race against except me.

Not riding much as chickens have taken over and more coming on Sat ....

 Post subject: Re: National race mtb/xc at Sherwood Pines
PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:52 am 
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:( don't see the point of stopping letting riders pass good attica but it's down to them pass. I not a racer ;)

Did you have your dropper post how did you get on with it?

As always Bob 8-)

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 Post subject: Re: National race mtb/xc at Sherwood Pines
PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:29 am 
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Great read as always mad bob, hope you havent hurt yourself with all this falling off?

Cannock race will be hilly i can guarantee you that!

Thetford winter series, Hmm maybe i'll do it this year?

Bike piccys!

 Post subject: Re: National race mtb/xc at Sherwood Pines
PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:28 pm 
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Still waiting
all ok it was foot off the ground .

 Post subject: Re: National race mtb/xc at Sherwood Pines
PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:46 pm 
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Tracked it down , the dropper post is at my local post office since 04.07.14.

Allegied white card put through door.........
Picking up tomorrow .
Good supplier very, very HELP FULL...
Thanks if he ever reads this.
New toy to play with, need my confidence back ...
(Ran out of brave pills )

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