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 Post subject: Suspention questions/help/advise
PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:16 pm 
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Hi guys. Need a little help/advise.

I have to Kona kikapu, was told it was a 2011 model but appears more like 2007.
It has the mz comp forks. It does not have lock out but there's a dial on too of each Stantion, no marks, but will turn 360 with 2 clicks each turn, I have no clue what each one does, can't find any info on these forks on the net. Any help on these ones.

Next question. As far as I can make out these mz comp forks are near bottom of range. I want to upgrade to some better forks later, what would you suggest for xc, enduro and some downhill, without breaking the bank.

Last one. Same for my rear fox air suspension, it seems to be quite an old one with no adjustments, same question as above with lockout. Unit fixing holes are 200 mm apart

There does seam to be different holes where the rear arms join the rocker arm, are these used to adjust the amount of travel or ride height.

Sorry I'm in need of education, to many years on road bikes
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 Post subject: Re: Suspention questions/help/advise
PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:52 pm 
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Never heard of MZ forks but googling them threw up a similar question to yours, same frame, from 2009 > ... p=15301448

It appears (and by the looks of your photo) they are cheap basic forks, dont know aht the dials on yours do, but they look like the elastomer/spring type and the dials on top just compress/uncompress the elastomer/spring a bit.

As for better/decent forks, take your pick, they range from £100+ to £1000, most of us on here started life decided to buy bits on a budget before full blown mania sets in and you end up spending a few grand :).

The most common 'decent'; brands are Fox, Rock Shox and Marzocchi, plenty available second hand on Ebay and Pinkbike but bear in mind a knackered fork may need servicing or you can go the DIY route, some forks are easier than others to DIY service.

Your frame will have a suggested fork length or travel so you will be constrained by that (unless you want to knacker the geometery and strength of the frame), so find out the travel of your forks..maybe 120-130mm or so and look for similar, they wont be long travel so you can discount DH/triple clamp forks....good Fox's even 2nd hand tend to be a bit more pricey, Marzocchi (esp older Italian ones are popular, strong, reliable, etc)..Ive just put Rock Shox Domains on my new build, got new ones for £175....and Im pleased with them.

Is your rear shock working ok, Fox are pretty reliable, the basic models with only rebound adjuster (im sure yours would have that ?), are find, you dont need tons of adjustment on rear as it can complicate things.


 Post subject: Re: Suspention questions/help/advise
PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:29 pm 
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MZ's are the OEM poor Marzocchi fork, the top cap is just a preload adjuster that hardly works. These are elastomer, so pretty much tech from around the 90's repackaged.
You can get a good fork for around £200 or less. Something like a Rockshox Reba Gold TK from Merlin Cycles. I'm not sure your frame will cope with bigger travel forks. You'll need a 1.1/8" steerer tube version of whatever fork you decide on.
Judging by this: ... okKg3VdWlg I would say your bike is around 2006 as Dart's were on the 2007 model.

 Post subject: Re: Suspention questions/help/advise
PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:51 pm 
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Hi guys. Sorry for the late response. Thank-you for the info and help.

The rear shock is working fine. It has no adjustment on it other than air pressure.
Yes you're right about the shocks adjustment. It makes no difference at all.
I'll Keep my eye open for some second hand forks over Xmas.

I have a race where perhaps a hard tail would be better, as I have no adjustment on the rear shock can I simply up the pressure to make it more solid. It's set at 130lb for a 13 st rider.

Thanks for that link Eccles, older than I thought. But do like the bike

Many thanks

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